Customs Logistics Agraz Group was founded in 2012 as an external department of international trade to provide general services and handle foreign trade import and export processes. There were three main lines of business, consulting, logistics and trade, which are being held today and they have evolved. As the mostly extensive and one of the strengths of the group logistics activity, this activity is abundantly since the beginning of the company and grows exponentially.

Thanks to partners and team members, Agraz Group manages to create strong relationships with its customers, who themselves have multiplied over time and today have turned their import and export operations mostly efficient.

The formula to keep the market competitive has been the punctual tracking of every movement of import and export , the innovate every day in customer service and ensure the security of cargo, being this characteristic a very powerful tool for gain confidence like independent importers, and to family businesses and to corporate trust in our company to be their logistics partners.

Through these years and thanks to the way we start our company, we have developed an exaggerated taste for challenges, challenges and goals to achieve, at all times complicated logistics operations in which we apply our experience and ability arise, this kind of challenges motivate us and we inject passion for what we do.



Agraz Group commitment is to provide the best logistics solutions to all our customers as well as being a department of external logistics. We take care of your merchandise as if it were our own.