At Grupo Agraz Customs Agency, we know how important it is for a company to have a reliable, responsible customs agent and to take care of each shipment as if it belonged to it. For this reason, our customs clearance service is focused on providing the customer with the tranquility and security that things are flowing in the right order and with the necessary speed, in truth ... We take care of your cargo as if it were ours.

We differentiate the constant monitoring of each shipment, whether large or small, served with the same professionalism, inform the client about the status even before doubts or comments arise.

This form of work, coupled with the highest technology in software and shipment tracking, avoid delays and speed up processes such as catching pedimentos, payment of necessary contributions and maneuvers in the main ports and airports of the country.

Our customs agency is made up of a group of Mexican foreign trade professionals, always updated on new regulations, laws and other regulations that influence each specific operation of import or export, we know that on this depends the security and tranquility of each entrepreneur , As it leaves its operations in the hands of experts.

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