One of the specialties of Grupo Agraz is efficiency in transportation and cargo handling, our logistics services cover the main international routes for the traffic of foreign trade goods, whether in land, sea, air, rail or intermodal transport, our services Include a wide range of means of freight transport.

With two warehouses specialized in cargo handling logistics service in the cities of Laredo TX and El Salto, JAL. We become a highly competitive and profitable logistics operator. Handling your cargo, even if it is dangerous or requires special care, is within our logistics services skills.

Our international influence offers us logistical services and collect / ship your cargo in Asia, Europe, South America and North America, thus having a first-world international logistics network, we benefit the customer by assuring them that we have their cargo in our hands, Other side of the world.

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Contact us at the moment to quote any of our logistics services and the transportation of your cargo from one point to another, according to your needs. We guarantee the best cost / benefit of the market.